The Specialisterne Foundation works to enable one million jobs for people with autism through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset. We work with stakeholders around the world to bring about our vision of a world where people are given equal opportunities in the labour market.


Specialisterne Foundation participated in the UN World Autism Awareness Day 1 April 2016.
Photo is from last year’s event, where founder Thorkil Sonne, the keynote speaker, met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
For more information go to: http://specialisternefoundation.com/un-world-autism-awareness-day/

Thorkil Sonne spoke at this year’s World Autism Awareness Day hosted by the UN 1 April. He shared a segment with SAP and HPE disussing employment of people with autism in response to the Secretary-General’s Call to Action issued at WAAD 2015.

In November 2015, Specialisterne Foundation was approved as NGO Associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. We are proud of the strengthened ties with the UN and strongly supports the Secretary-General’s Call to Action. 




The foundation owns the Specialisterne concept and trademark. Specialisterne, which translates from Danish as “The Specialists”, is Specialisterne-Logoan innovative social enterprise providing assessment, training, education and IT consultancy services, where most of the employees are people with autism.

Specialisterne can currently be found in the following locations around the world:

DenmarkUSAIreland, Northern IrelandSwitzerlandSpain, BrazilThe United KingdomGermanyCanadaNorwayIcelandAustriaAustralia

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