Mission, Vision, Values & Goal


It is our mission to share best practices, disseminate knowledge and spread the Specialisterne model, in order to provide training, education and employment for autistic people.


A world where people are given equal opportunities on the labor market.


  • Respect
  • Clarity
  • Accommodation
  • Accessibility

Goal: One million jobs

It is estimated that one percent of the world’s population are on the autism spectrum. This is equivalent to 68 million people worldwide.

We have set our goal: To provide meaningful and productive jobs for one million people with autism.

Our strategy is to:

  • Replicate Specialisterne operations around the world to showcase and demonstrate the skills and contribution of autistic people
  • Assess and train autistic people for an active role in the labor market
  • Assess the markets in which autistic people can perform valuable tasks
  • Develop and share a management model The Dandelion Model that will enable companies and workplaces to hire and manage autistic people
  • Increase awareness in society of the positive contributions of autistic people