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The logo tells the story of what Specialisterne is all about: to put people in places where they excel as included and valued members of society.

Dandelion – weed or herb?

Dandelion-seedTo most people, the dandelion is nothing more than an annoying weed – something to be rooted out of our lawns and flower beds. But what a lot of people do not know is that, when cultivated, the dandelion is one of the most valuable and useful plants in nature. The dandelion is known for its nutritional, healing and medicinal properties. The value of a dandelion is very much dependent on our knowledge and perception of its value. So is a dandelion a weed or an herb?

A weed is a plant in an environment where it is not welcomed. If the plant is transferred to an environment where it is welcomed – it turns into an herb.

We have chosen the seed of the dandelion as our logo to remind everyone that we all have the potential to realize our potential if welcomed and understood. It is the settings we end up in that determines if we will be able to grow or wither.

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