Australia – Thriving at Work Program

Thriving at Work

Specialisterne Australia have teamed up with Minds & Hearts to offer a new program designed to empower adults on the autism spectrum to thrive at work. Created for Specialisterne by autism experts Dr. Michelle Garnett and Prof. Tony Attwood the program is the first of its kind in the world.

During this program, each participant will use individual workbooks during the sessions, to read the important information and complete the exercises with help from the group facilitator. In the last session participants will complete a personal workbook which can be a useful tool for communicating to their manager strengths, challenges and useful strategies to meet the challenges. Some information from this plan could also be communicated to a partner or family member.

Program Description

Employment can make a big difference to a person’s self esteem including a sense of purpose and self worth, practical application of one’s interests and/or strengths, opportunities for acquiring new skills and the incorporation of structure and routine into daily life. This group provides strategies and ideas to assist with the common problems that can become barriers for people with Asperger’s syndrome in the work setting. By the end of the program, participants will have a comprehensive workbook of strategies specifically designed for their own profile of strengths and challenges. These strategies can then be used to achieve greater success in the workplace.
Topics covered during this program include;
  1. Social Tools
  2. Physical and Relaxation Tools
  3. Thinking Tools
  4. Emotion and Stress Management
  5. Creation of Plan to Thrive

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