Denmark – Specialisterne Youth Education Program

Denmark – Specialisterne Youth Education Program

Please note, that this program is currently only available in Denmark.


Specialisterne Denmark offers a three-year Youth Education Program for young autistic students aged 16 to 25. The purpose is to develop the student’s personal, social and academic competences. During their education, the students are given the skills and tools to enter an education program or the labor market.

Each student is different and has a different learning style, which we accommodate by teaching most classes in small groups of five or six students. As we are preparing our students for an adult life, some activities are tailored to challenge the students in their collaboration skills and interaction in larger groups.

Specialisterne Youth Education Program focus on:

  • Assessing each student’s dreams and goals
  • IT and general subjects
  • Social and cultural understanding
  • Internships and workplace norms
  • Health, diet and exercise
  • After school activities

The academic foundation of the program is based on IT studies, social science, science, technical and creativity. However, learning to live independently is a key element in the Youth Education Program. The transition from adolescent to adult can be overwhelming. The students gets hands on experience with many of the tasks that comes with moving away from home, such as cooking, laundry, manage your economy etc.

We want to create an exciting environment for our students and teach them about the world that surrounds them. Together with the students, we arrange trips to the cinema, museums, board game cafés etc. where they learn to interact with new people and manage unexpected situations.

Most of our students do not have any experience with the labor market, when they start our Youth Education Program. We believe that all people have a place in the labor market. It is essential that our students are introduced to different workplaces and get to utilize their competences and interests in a business setting. Some of our students are offered student jobs or apprenticeship after their internships with our partners.

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