Examples of Specialisterne Foundation’s education programs

In Specialisterne Foundation, we believe that specialized education can be a contributing factor to employment for autistic people. However, earning a university degree does not guarantee a job. The interviewing process can be intimidating and many autistic people struggle to sell themselves. Therefore, education goes both ways.

Through our different employment and education programs we train businesses to look for the skills and see the benefits rather than focusing on the challenges. The students/trainees gain job specific competences, learn about workplace norms and expectations. Specialisterne has over 14 years of experience with assessing and matching autistic people with employment opportunities.

Automation Technology, such as Lego Mindstorms, is a core tool in all of our employment and training programs. Lego Mindstorms enables us to gain insight into a person’s learning styles, programming understanding and skills, ability to follow an instruction etc.

Our educational programs are of different length and targets different age groups. However, the goal is the same: to prepare autistic people for the labor market and prepare the labor market for them.

Denmark: In Denmark, we offer a three-year Youth Education Program for autistic adolescents aged 16-25.

Australia: Specialisterne Australia have teamed up with Minds & Hearts to offer a new program designed to empower adults on the autism spectrum to thrive at work.