Royal Recognition for Specialisterne in Poland

Royal Recognition for Specialisterne

Specialisterne Fundacja Polska was among the organisations profiled in the recent Danish Royal Visit to Poland. Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (pictured above with Specialisterne Foundation COO Henrik Thomsen, Danish Minister for Health Nick Hækkerup and Specialisterne Candidate Dominik Warzecha) paid an official visit to Poland from May 12-14, heading up a Danish business promotional campaign. The visit focused on Danish-Polish trade in a number of areas, including, fashion and design, energy and the environment, and health and rehab.  The goal of the two-day event was to support and promote current Danish businesses in Poland, and to help plant new seeds of opportunity for Danish companies wishing to establish themselves there.

Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark speaking with SPF CFO Henrik Thomsen (left) and Danish Minister for Health Nick Hækkerup.

Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark speaking with Specialisterne Foundation COO Henrik Thomsen (left) and Danish Minister for Health Nick Hækkerup.

During the visit, a number of organisations were presented to the Royal couple, including Specialisterne Fundacja Polska, which fell under the Health category. Representatives from  the Polish Foundation as well as the Specialisterne Foundation (former Specialist People Foundation) had the opportunity to present the concept and methods used within Specialisterne organisations around the globe.

“Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess Mary showed great interest in our methods where we, through our Play with LEGO Mindstorms and our advanced methodologies, such as SCRUM, can identify hitherto untapped talents among people with autism,” says Henrik Thomsen, COO The Specialisterne Foundation (former Specialist People Foundation).

The two-day event was attended by numerous representatives of the Polish commercial sector, as well as several senior politicians from Denmark, including Nick Hækkerup, the Danish Minister for Health.

“This event has really opened up a well of new opportunities for Specialisterne Fundacja Polska,” says Slawomir Ulankiewicz, CEO Specialisterne Fundacja Polska. “We have already shown what we can do. Now, we will continue to build our business, our concept and our methodologies, and to prove that we are a very valuable export to Poland.”