Associate Professor Robert Austin, Harvard Business School

“The example of Specialisterne, its mission and accomplishments, inspires us at the broadest human level. It’s a story about a father’s love and sacrifice for his son, about members of society left behind and counted-out who return in triumph.”

Claus Hjort Frederiksen, former Danish Minister for Employment

“To utilise the concentration skills and the systemic ability that individuals with autism have and combine it with business is a great example. It is not charity, but persons who work and have skills, which many companies can use.”

Mads Øvlisen, Member of Board of Directors, UN Global Compact

“An incredible achievement. To build a business like Specialisterne based on social innovation – not a charity, but a business that is built on quality and demanding customers – is something very, very special. And I think we are all a little proud to feel and sense that this was a Danish initiative. At the same time, although it is business, it is something that gives quality to your staff. It is something that gives them the opportunity and honest hope not to see themselves or be seen as a burden to society, but as somebody that actually contributes to society. An incredible gift to society and to your staff.”

Tania Ellis, Executive MBA, author of The New Pioneers

“Specialisterne has created a unique business model that challenges conventional logics in both business and society. Specialisterne’s social economic business model creates social coherence as well as competitive strength, and serves as an example of the future way to make money and, not least, how to inspire established companies, organizations and institutions to make a meaningful difference”

Jens Maibom, Vice President, LEGO Education

“The way Thorkil is using LEGO to evaluate and to assess which qualities candidates have before they can start working in professional life is unique. That is what is so compelling for LEGO as the basic values of LEGO can now find a new application with Thorkil’s work.”

Vladimir Spidla, EU Commissioner of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Rights

“I am impressed by the achievements of the Specialisterne company. Specialisterne shows that there is a place for everybody in the labor market. Integration of people with disabilities into the first labor market can be a clear win-win situation for employees and employer if everyone’s potential is used to the full. As such Specialisterne sets an example for Europe.”