“I am impressed by the achievements of Specialisterne. They have shown that there is a place for everybody in the labor market, and that integration of people who are normally excluded can be a clear win-win situation for employees and employer alike, particularily if all employees are used to their full potential. Specialisterne is setting an example for Europe.”

Vladimir Spidla, EU Commissioner of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Rights


Interview with Steffen Moller Pedersen, Consultant Specialisterne Denmark

How is your life as a consultant at Specialisterne now?

I have a good life! Through Specialisterne, I have acquired good professional skills, which I really appreciate, and they have also helped to improve my social skills.

What does having a steady income mean to you?

It is very nice earning one’s own money, and while I am living at home it is not difficult to make ends meet. But I am sure this will change when I move away from home and get my own place.

How does it feel to have work colleagues ?

It’s great! I have some very good colleagues, and some of them have also become real good friends. We have a great time together, both inside and outside working hours.

Has having something to get up for every working day changed your life?

I don’t know how my life might have been, but I am sure it would quickly have become trivial to be at home all the time.

How do you think your life would have been without Specialisterne?

I think my municipality would have struggled to find something else which would even come close to Specialisterne. As far as I know, if Specialisterne ddn’t exist, there is only a sheltered workshop, ITC, where I probably would have been placed. Specialisterne had just started up when I finished school -so fortunately I didn’t have to try out for other jobs.