Specialisterne Inspires

Companies inspired by Specialisterne

As part of our goal to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges, Specialisterne Foundation also aims to inspire other organizations, social entreprenuers and like-minded individuals in the autism field. It is our hope that we can help lay a foundation for other players to launch operations similar to Specialisterne all over the world. We strive to be a cornerstone in the autism field, connecting, sharing, supporting and innovating with all players. Specialisterne Foundation does not have competitors – only like-minded social entrepreneurs.

Here are some organizations that have been inspired by the Specialisterne model.

auticon-logoAuticon is the first German company to exclusively employ people with autism as software testers, and offer their services on the free market. The German company has offices in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldoff.


aspiritech-logoAspiritech is a US-based software testing and quality assurance (QA) company that harnesses the unique abilities of people with Asperger’s Syndrome and autism.


Passwerk-logo-klein2-300x223Inspired by Specialisterne, Passwerk is a Belgian company launched in Antwerp in 2008, that combines business with social responsibility to train, employ and coach adults with autism as software testers.



AQA-logo-300x66AQA is an Israeli company that hires people on the autism spectrum as software testers.


autism-works-logoAutism Works is a UK-based software testing company, employing people with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.



kaien-logoKaien in Japan strives to change the perception of autism in the workplace by providing high-quality software testing services to the Japanese software industry.