USA – Pre-Employment Program

USA – Pre-Employment Program

Specialisterne’s four week Pre-employment Program is targeted autistic high school and college students.


The Specialisterne 4-Week Pre-employment program is focused on building and assessing the individual’s skill sets, motivation and workability. The program explores and provides participants the opportunity to learn about how the labor market works and how they can prepare for an active career.


Specialisterne’s Pre-employment Program is a workforce preparation program using STEM Tools. During the program, we encourage innovation, leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset. It challenges and develops the participants in the fields of technology by using Automation Technologies, such as Lego Mindstorms. This unique program is also suitable for assessing individuals pursuing a range of employment roles across an enterprise.

Specialisterne work together with the participants to uncover and document their special skill-sets, strengthen personal and professional competencies, confirm career and subject matter interests, and to introduce elements from the corporate sector through challenges and tasks. The program culminate with a presentation of their Scrum Challenge project.

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