The Autism Advantage Luncheon China Belt and Road was a follow up from the 2017 Autism Advantage Luncheon at UN headquarters, where Ms. Hong Wen was among the speakers. In her speech, Ms. Hong Wen shared the situation for autistic persons in China and invited everyone to work together with China to improve the opportunities for education and jobs.


The Autism Advantage Luncheon China Belt and Road gave participants the opportunity to inspire each other, share knowledge and discuss how we can together improve the opportunities for jobs for autistic persons in China, countries in the Belt and Road Initiative and globally. Approximately 130 participants came together during the event, representing parents, companies, NGOs, government officials, service agencies and training institutions.


The event was organized by Specialisterne Foundation, in collaboration with CAPPDR (China Association of Persons with Psychiatric Disability and their Relatives), with the support of Tradeshift and Google.


The program brought together a number of speakers who represented different sectors and perspectives from provinces of China, Brunei, The Philippines, Thailand, Czech Republic, USA and Denmark.


Welcome and Opening

Ms. Hong Wen – Chairperson, CAPPDR, China

Mr. Thorkil Sonne – Chairperson, Specialisterne Foundation, Denmark


Perspectives China: Education and Employment Status

Mr. Zhenfei Zhang – Director of Employment Division, Dept. Educational and Employment, CDPF

Dr. Yuanfeng Wang – Deputy Director of Research Office, HQ Jiu San Society

Mr. Guangyao Hu – Secretary of Volunteer Association, Jilin Branch of The Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang

Ms. Hong Wen – Chairperson, CAPPDR


Belt and Road Perspectives

The Philippines: Ms. Maria Mona Liza Veluz – National President, Philippines Autism Society

Thailand: Mr. Somchai Rungslip, Asia-Pacific Development Center for Disability (video)

Brunei: Mr. McCoy Chin, Founder, Spark Lifeskill


Global Perspectives

Inclusive Growth in 4th Industrial Revolution: Mr. David Aikman – Chief Representative Officer, Greater China at World Economic Forum (video)

Community Engagement: Dr. David Caudel – ED, Vanderbilt Initiative for Autism Innovation and the Workforce, USA

Doubling Employment of People with Disabilities: Senator Mr. Harkin (video), USA

Scaling Employment through Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Mr. Søren Boutrup – Executive Director, Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai


Key Note: Doing Responsible Business while Advancing Societal Goals

Mr. Thorkil Sonne, Chairman, Specialisterne Foundation & Denmark’s Council for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals


Closing remarks

Ms. Hong Wen, CAPPDR

Mr. Thorkil Sonne, Specialisterne Foundation