Autism Advantage Luncheons

The purpose of the Autism Advantage Luncheons is to promote employment of autistic persons globally, in support of Article 27 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) on work and employment, which recognizes the right of persons with disabilities to work on an equal basis with others, and to a labour market and work environment that is open, inclusive and accessible.

As an NGO associated with the UN Department of Global Communications, Specialisterne Foundation has organized five Autism Advantage Luncheons in New York, China, India and Indonesia bringing together local, national and global stakeholders for a discussion around the autism advantage. In 2019, through the luncheons held in Bangalore/India and Jakarta/Indonesia we brought together:

  • 200+ participants traveling from various regions of India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Karnataka, Bangalore) & Indonesia but also from Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and China
  • Self-advocates, parents, educators, teachers, practitioners, government representatives, companies, business associations, NGOs, academicians and United Nations representatives

2018 Autism Advantage Luncheon “The Autism Advantage – Return on Investment” – United Nations HQ

The 2018 Autism Advantage Luncheon was held as a part of the annual observance of World Autism...

Autism Advantage Luncheon Jakarta/Indonesia – 04 December 2019

On December 4th 2019, Specialisterne Foundation organised the inaugural Autism Advantage Luncheon...

02 April 2015 World Autism Awareness Day – United Nations Headquarters New York/USA

The launch of a Call to Action inviting business to make concrete commitments to employ persons...

Autism Advantage Luncheon “China Belt and Road”, 26 October 2018 – Nanning/China

The Autism Advantage Luncheon China Belt and Road was a follow up from the 2017 Autism Advantage...

Autism Advantage Luncheon Bangalore/India – 19 November 2019

On November 19th 2019, Specialisterne Foundation organised the inaugural Autism Advantage Luncheon...

2017 Autism Advantage Luncheon – United Nations Headquarters New York/USA

The 2017 Autism Advantage Luncheon focused on issues related to talent and career development for...

India fears autism and believe they require greater effort and resources. What I would like to share at the luncheon is that autism does not require more resources but the willingness and love to take the first step.


International Labour Organization, Confederation of Indian Industries, Indian Business Disability Network and Future Group & Keynote Speaker Autism Advantage Luncheon India

All education institutions from kindergartens to universities must be inclusive.


PT Baraya Niaga Jaya, Self-advocate & Speaker Autism Advantage Luncheon Indonesia

On my previous job, even though I was as qualified as my colleagues, something was missing because my managers were not sensitized. Now I work in a really supportive environment and feel motivated.


SAP Labs India, Self-advocate & Speaker Autism Advantage Luncheon India

Disability is part of diversity. Whoever you are and  regardless your circumstances, you are one with Indonesia


DPR RI House of Representatives & Keynote Speaker Autism Advantage Luncheon Indonesia