Our Work

Since 2008, Specialisterne Foundation has advocated for the inclusion of neurodivergent persons in the labour market as well as promoting for broader systemic and attitudinal change. Our goal is to enable meaningful jobs for one million neurodivergent persons around the world by 2030 in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.


1. Promote change in mindsets

  • Raising awareness about the skills and rights of neurodivergent persons based on the UN Convention, The Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Showcasing the talents of neurodivergent persons and encouraging companies to utilize their skills.

2. Research & Development

  • Documenting best practices and develop inclusion models for all stakeholders

3. Replicate, facilitate and catalyse employment models 

  • Supporting the development and international roll-out of Specialisterne and partners that base their business model on the concept of assessing, training and employing neurodivergent persons.

4. Create multi-stakeholder communities

  • Collaborating with a range of stakeholders (companies, NGOs, families, schools, local and national governments, self-advocates etc.) to create inclusive workspaces.
  • Globally engage communities and key stakeholders to form SDG 17, target 16 partnerships.